Master’s pass

Every new student of material science who wants to earn right to wear a tech student cap can get a master’s pass from the guild. To complete the pass you need to earn a certain number of points for example for participating in events organized by tech student organizations, clubs, by singing or with helping organizing events. If you want to earn right to wear the cap for the eve of Wappu the pass needs to be completed at least a day before and returned to tutor or a board member of Adamas.

To earn a right to wear a cap you also need to complete eldprovet (a baptism of fire) which is arranged once a year, couple days before Wappu. More information about this can be asked from tutors and board members of Adamas.

Master’s pass main purpose is to introduce new students to tech student culture. Points can be given by board members of Adamas, tutors of the current semester or a commissar of Teekkarikomissio.


Mandatory points (Pakolliset pisteet):

Virallinen teekkaripiste (Official tech student point)

This point can be earned by attending either Adamas’s fall or spring general meeting. Alternatively you can complete this point by attending 3 Adamas’s board meetings.

Tapahtuma pisteet (Event points)

You earn this point by attending 2 events organized by tech student organization.


You need to sing Teekkarihymni (also in Swedish) and Ikuisen teekkarin laulu. [NOTE! Only to people can sing at the same time]

Opintopiste (Study credit point)

When you earn a study credit to your HOPS you will get this point.


You can earn this point by participating as a waiter in a sitz party, ticket seller or by helping some other way to arrange a event or a party. You can also earn this from other tech student organization events.